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Relational Intelligence Program – S.A.L.T.

Find tools to impact your team and stakeholders

As a leader of a team do you:

  • Wonder how to build connections of trust with new clients and prospects?
  • Experience miscommunications within your team but are unsure how to fix it?
  • Look for ways to navigate difficult relationships with peers, partners and management?
  • Struggle to reach clear agreements, hold people accountable and build ownership?

There’s one missing ingredient that can help with all of these scenarios – Relational Intelligence and its four pillars, S.A.L.T.

What happens when you develop Relational Intelligence?

  • Awareness creates choice.
  • Understanding your and others’ emotions, behaviours and thought patterns helps you choose how to interact.
  • You build flexibility in your communication style so you achieve the results you want.
  • Your relationship with your superiors, clients and peers improves.
  • You find several interpersonal solutions for tough situations at work.

Shefali Kosta

Co-founder, Swadhaa Waldorf Learning Center

Manavalan Karunanithi

Founder & CEO, LMTEQ

Vandana Srivastava

Founder & CEO, IT Company

How does S.A.L.T. help?

  • S.A.L.T. stands for the four pillars of relational intelligence — Somatic Learning, Authentic Conversations, Language & Leadership and Trust Building. This program helps you identify and change old behaviour patterns that may have been causing you to think and respond in negative ways.

  • It gives a large toolkit to improve your people skills. You learn what  builds trust with your subordinates, peers and superiors. Tough agreements, difficult negotiations, collaborations  and sticky conversations become easy.


What do you mean by Relational Intelligence?

Relational Intelligence is the act of relating with others intelligently. It’s a capacity, a mindset and a process.

It teaches you how to be connected and stay connected amid tasks. It is what helps forge the personal connections and trust with others that let you see things from each other’s perspectives and overcome the problem at hand.

What is a relational resume?

Your relational resume holds the details of who you are, your behavioral history and details of how you formed relationships in the past. In order to understand this, you need to delve into yourself. You need to uncover your backstory, the things that influenced you in childhood and the stands that you took then.

How does it impact professional development?
Relational Intelligence builds self-awareness and the capacity to understand and resonate with others. It helps you understand your moods and emotions and build trust.
Why do I need it as a leader?

Leaders need to interact with various stakeholders, both within and outside the organisation. They may come from various cultural backgrounds, and have different interests and values from you. Yet, you will need to connect with them interpersonally, and act in an ethical manner to overcome challenges.

Is it helpful for me as an entrepreneur?

Yes. Relational Intelligence enables you to have conversations with yourself and others, which helps you build capacity.

Does this help in managing clients?

Yes. The relationships you build with clients are based on the conversations – both the ones you have and the ones you do not. Relational Intelligence helps you have these conversations in a way that shifts the outcome.

Does it address interpersonal trust breakdowns in team?

Yes, it enables teams to build trust with each other by having good conversations. It fosters relationships based on honesty and helps team members handle conflict with grace.

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