Women Leadership Program – Rise Up

  • You have been working for 5 years now, but how do you get promoted?

  • You want to prove yourself but your efforts are unnoticed.

  • You struggle to balance work and home responsibilities.

  • You want to be more assertive within your team, but how?

  • You’re told your work is good — but don’t know how to negotiate for better pay or role.

How Rise Up leadership program helps?

With women leadership training early on in your career, you:

  • Learn that career and personal life can be complementary rather than conflicting.
  • Develop the skillset and mindset for a bigger role.
  • Gain the confidence to implement the relevant actions for growth.
  • Learn micro habits for persistence and consistency to create results.
  • Build practices for resilience and growth.

How does Rise Up Leadership Programme work?

  • This women leadership training program for women will be conducted through 4 workshops over a few months.
  • Visioning For the Future will be a goal-setting and planning session.
  • Unguilting will help you recognise your own guilt and move beyond them.
  • Career Endurance 101 will teach you 10 tangible methodologies for success.
  • Slaying The Dragon will teach you your innate storytelling and communication skills.

Professionals with up to 6 years of experience will find this emerging leaders program for women beneficial.


Do I need women leadership training at an early stage?

Yes, early-stage women leadership training is crucial in helping you move purposefully toward your goals and take on leadership positions in the future.

Is Rise Up leadership program for women an awareness-based or skill-based program?

The challenge for women is not so much about capabilities but about having the awareness and confidence to pursue their ambitions. This emerging leaders program for women teaches the skills and awareness to do so.

Will there be any further involvement after the Rise Up women leadership program is over?

The Rise Up women leadership program will teach you the tools to pursue your leadership goals. You will need to put in conscious effort to practice and apply the learnings from this emerging leaders program for women at work.

Can I actively continue to learn and grow even after the end of the Rise Up emerging women leadership program?

As you progress in your career and actively practise what you have learned as part of the Rise Up leadership program for women, you may become eligible for Sai’s Step Up and Power Up women leadership programs.

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