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Here, you will find a host of free leadership training resources from Sailaja Manacha – from full-length programs and Masterclasses to short snippets from some of our workshops. Feel free to explore as many of these leadership resources as you like to get a glimpse of Sailaja’s powerful methods and get started on your leadership learnings.


These video bundles and Masterclasses have been designed by Sailaja Manacha to help you tackle and manage various aspects of life and work. Each leadership resource video is around 20-30 minutes and you can watch them at our own pace.


Increasing Capacity and Managing Overwhelm

This is a set of 3 Masterclasses by top women leaders, who offer their take on how to get past the feeling of ‘not being good enough’.

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Your Good Life

This leadership resource bundle designed by Sailaja Manacha contains a set of 10 videos that talk about how to plan and actually work towards the goals that are important to you.

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Women At Work

A leadership resource comprising 3 Masterclasses that deal with the various aspects and dilemmas that women professionals have to confront.

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Power Up

Here, two very powerful women leaders, Vinita Bali and Nilima Bhatt, talk about exerting power and influence as senior women executives.

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Here are some audio resources that you can download on your device for on-the-go or regular listening.



Delve into your inner world and develop a deeper consciousness of your mind and body with the help of this grounding exercise.

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Explore the concepts of leadership and growth that Sailaja teaches through her programs, with these book excerpts.


Excerpt from Step Up by Sailaja Manacha

Read Sailaja’s take on <topic>. Step Up deals with more such nuances of leadership that women executives have to regularly navigate.

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Experience some of the workshops and digital courses that we have hosted in the past.



Understand what Relational Intelligence is all about and how you can use it to build trust, inspire action and lead teams.

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I, You
& We

Learn about the concept of the Drama Triangle, understand how it impacts behaviours and know more about effective ways to set boundaries.

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Self Care Practices
for Leaders

Use this guide with practical self-care strategies to enhance your self-care practices.

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E-Book: Self-mastery for leaders

Here is an e-book on ideas for self-mastery for leaders. The nuggets inside will provoke you & provide you with ideas for daily practice.

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