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1:1 Leadership Coaching

What is leadership coaching?
Why is leadership coaching needed?

One-on-one leadership coaching is helpful for you when you require to meet the following goals:

  • You are transitioning to a bigger role or facing new challenges in your organisation
  • You are setting up a new business or your venture is entering a new growth phase
  • You want to create impact and influence as an independent business owner
  • You are building a core team and preparing for aggressive growth as a startup founder

    Who needs leadership coaching?

    Corporate executives, founders, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and independent leaders

     Why leadership coaching? What is the difference leadership coaching can make?

    With one-on-one leadership coaching, you unlock your leadership potential and are able to take on new and bigger roles. Your leadership coach could help you address your professional and personal limitations, and overcome them to become more well-rounded as a leader. With the attention you receive as part of one on one leadership coaching, you are able to function strategically and purposefully to achieve your goals.

    Leadership coaching examples


    Will there be other participants in the program? Can I share my challenges confidentially with Sailaja?
    Leadership coaching is purely a one-to-one program where you work directly with Sailaja on your individual goals and challenges. During your leadership coaching sessions, there will be no other participants, so you can share the specifics of your situation without having to worry about privacy issues.
    Is there a set curriculum or can the program be curated for my requirements?

    Since this is a one-to-one program, the curriculum is curated exclusively for your needs. Before you begin, Sailaja will work with you to understand your specific challenges and goals, and chart out a coaching pathway for you.

    How long is the one-to-one leadership coaching program?
    One-on-one leadership coaching creates results in 3-6 months’ time. For best results, leadership coaching for 10-12 sessions over a year is recommended when leaders need to make an impact on 3-4 goals they are working towards.
    What is the coaching format of this program (pre-recorded /live / online / in-person)?
    Do I need leadership coaching if I am a solo-preneur and don’t lead a team?
    Yes, leadership coaching is absolutely essential, and here’s why. As a solo-preneur or independent professional, you may not be leading a team in the conventional sense, but you still have to work with clients, customers, vendors and other external partners. You have to assert influence and establish yourself as an authority figure within a very short span of time after meeting them. Of course, you have to practise self-leadership too, so that you can keep learning and expanding your boundaries. So leadership coaching will prove immensely beneficial for you.

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