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Rediscover yourself to think bigger and expansive. Sailaja designs bold yet practical steps to facilitate movement toward playing bigger in your life. Produce results that matter by applying leadership techniques based on psychology and leadership frameworks that combine a mind-body approach.

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Amp up your own and your team’s performance through a customised program designed for your organisation.
Maximise efficiency, cohesion and productivity to deliver results that matter. Augment leadership growth at senior levels through our in-depth training and coaching sessions for leaders and teams.

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22 July, 2020

Transactional Analysis 101
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13 September, 2020

Step Up
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The Good Selfish
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Sharmila Singh
Senior Manager - Product Development

The unique blend of Somatics, psychological models, 5 finger solution and care modules along with Sai’s power-packed persona made an everlasting and magical impact on my approach and outlook to life.

This change has etched a long lasting and deep-rooted positive impact on my personal and professional life.  I am in much happier state, immensely satisfied and I am celebrating the new leader in me with a lot of enthusiasm

Vidya Srivatsan

Step Up is all about a beautiful journey of self-discovery, how to overcome hurdles at your workplace and how to deal with your inner critic.

I have made it a point to practice Audio centering on a daily basis. This has helped me immensely to mold myself in dealing with complex project related issue and build a better relationship with my colleagues and teammates. I can see my vision of becoming a great leader is after all not so difficult.

When I first met Sai, I could see she exudes an aura of abundant positive energy and how beautifully she spreads that energy to people around her.

“Don’t hesitate to take the first step”

Garima Agarwal
Senior Technical Writer

The Step Up Program with Sai helped me to conquer my inner critic and connect with myself.  Sai is an expert leadership coach and offers practical tools and techniques to identify missing skills or missing conversations and how to take shift from your practiced behaviours.

Thanks to Step Up program, and simple exercises that I have begun to say NO and preserve my most valuable Yes for the aspirations important to me. Now, I know myself, my priorities, my goals and articulate my thoughts freely.

Susmita Vaikar
Architect and Product Owner

I have interacted with Sai in two different trainings. Her dedication to the subject of women in leadership is highly inspiring. The Step Up program, was like taking baby steps to the journey of leadership, where you know there is a friend and guide at every step to walk you through. The structure and the thought process brings immense SELF awareness and inspiration to move forward with care, to fall but to get up again with conviction and to have the right conversations with clarity. Thank you so much Sai for sharing your learnings! It helped me when I was surrounded by ambiguity and taking up new challenges in my professional career.

Ragini Mahara
Team Leader - Service Operations

I am one of the lucky ones to have worked with Sai. I can say that my time with her and Step Up program has helped me to believe in myself and embrace who I am. Specifically, I worked on controlling my inner critique. I also made some declarations, things that challenged me and put me out of my comfort zone. One such declaration led me to take up a stress project as a program lead that spanned across three different countries.

My journey has been transformational and so has meeting Sai.

Ms Hemalatha Gupta
Assistant Vice President

I have been part of Sai’s “Step Up” program and can confidently say that it transforms the way that we think about ourselves, and those around us. Sai has this amazing gift of connecting to women, helping them realize their inner roadblocks and guiding them to OVERCOME it.

Anjana A.R
Lead Software Engineer

It was like I got in to a “Roller-Coaster Ride” of “My-self”, where I got a chance to get deep insights about me, my Ups and Downs and where I am now. I have seen “Shift of Energy”, a very positive energy in myself, which I would pass on to my team as well.

Neeta Gaikwad
Sr. Software Developer

Step Up has made me realize that it’s time to change my lens. It Taught me how to shape MY future with simple yet effective tools and practices like- Centering, Power of Greens, reflection and true efforts for problem solving.

Thank you very much, Sai, for helping me create new possibilities, through Step Up.

Rema K Giridhar
Director, Process & Design Educationist, Psychologist & Visualiser

Until I joined Sailaja Manacha’s Step Up course I dint know that I could find a space where I could step up, extend and expand. Thanks to her – for the clarity, for hand holding, for clearing up MY vision, for sharing HER wisdom and for those nudges and pushes.

G S Rajarajeshwari
Head – Business Controlling and Reporting

I enrolled for Step Up so that I could move ahead in my career without for a sponsor.
The course has provided me with enough tools to achieve this. I am able to make offers and declarations, both at work and at home and work with power and politics, which i found difficult earlier. The course is helping me to be mindful and powerful!


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