Women Leadership Program – Power Up

You have risen, stepped up and arrived at a position of authority. Now, it’s time to:

  • Plan the next steps to use your power and influence.
  • Scale up your role to lead with purpose, clarity and big goals.
  • Build powerhouse relational skills to influence key stakeholders and lead large teams.
  • Become a dynamic force at work, adding value to relevant networks you build.
  • Ground yourself in centred leadership, resilience and balance.
  • Use your leadership to impact your organisation and the world.

    How does Power Up help?

    Power Up is a women leadership program for business heads, business owners, and social entrepreneurs.

    The 1-year long course will:

    • Support working at your inner edge so you shift your game.
    • Ground you through conversations on ethics, power politics, conflict, increasing capacity and moving with the power of ‘not knowing’.
    • Support you to handle difficult conversations and make tough decisions boldly.
    • Help you build a powerful public identity that centres around adding value.
    • Give you tools to be a leader of influence so you impact your clients, adding value to teams and networks so they produce results that matter.


    How Power Up works for you?

    • Tailored for a woman leader with at least 16 years of experience.
    • CEOs, Directors, Heads of Sales, Marketing & Talent Acquisition and top executives who have chosen this program have generated valuable results.
    • Course Structure:
      • Conducted over 12 months with an exclusive cohort.
      • 20 hours of live learning sessions with several guest faculties.
      • 4-6 hours of live sessions with Sailaja every month.



    Will I have an opportunity for one-on-one coaching as I can’t share my situations in front of others?

    Some parts of this leadership program for women will have opportunities for one-on-one coaching, but the program will largely be conducted in a group. If you would like exclusive time for extensive one-on-one sessions, we recommend our Leadership Coaching options.

    What if my needs are different from the batch’s needs?

    A group call beforehand and understanding needs decides both the flow  and the curriculum. As it is a small group, the curriculum is customised to the needs of the group.

    Can I speak to someone who has done this course before?

    The participants’ identities are kept strictly confidential owing to the nature of the work. However, we can reach out to some of our alumni to check if the are willing to speak to you.  Please write to Sai to explore this. Please write to Sai to explore this.

    Can I opt out of the course midway if I don’t see value?

    You have the option to opt out within the first 3 weeks if you don’t see it adding value to your career. You will receive a 100% refund in this case.

    What are the next steps after this course?

    Based on your requirements, you can opt for highly personalised, one-on-one Leadership Coaching sessions with Sai.

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