Leadership coaching is a transformative journey where your coach partners with you to achieve positive, sustainable, and visible changes in your personal and professional life.

You will start to notice a significant change in your mindset, personal behavior, team management, and organizational leadership skills.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” – Tom Landry

Why do you need leadership coaching?

Leaders face several complexities and obstacles as they rise up the corporate ladder, whether they are personal, team-related, or organizational.

Your leadership coach works closely with you to support and guide you in overcoming these challenges.

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Here are a few areas a coach can align with you:

1. Behavioral changes

Your coach helps you identify the sticking points, and the specific behavior patterns that are holding you back. Together your coach will come up with a plan to make the powerful changes.

2. Identifying your true potential

Your leadership coach helps you see your true potential. A good and experienced coach can see the gaps between where you are and where you can reach in the next couple of years.

3. Improving performance

Your leadership coach will help with the right and relevant tools, exercises, and strategies to perform at your peak potential. 

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4. Developing emotional intelligence

An experienced leadership coach like Sailaja Manacha will help you begin with self-mastery. This means becoming self-aware and improving your people skills, and team management skills.

5. Clarity on Vision & Purpose

Your leadership coach will help you define and refine your vision and purpose in life. This one exercise can make you truly powerful.

6. Developing Future Leaders

Being a leader, it is your responsibility to develop your team and build future leaders. Your coach will help you identify and develop the traits of potential leaders and help you grow, nurture, and inspire your team members.

When is the right time to take leadership coaching?

Interestingly, we always know when it is the right time. Our inner guidance system or gut feeling will tell us that it is the right time to hire a leadership coach. You just need to stop ignoring the call.

A coach is a person who can give corrections without causing resentment. – John Wooden

Here are a few signs to put you in the right direction:

1. You know that you can do better

You are a leader and you have already achieved a lot in life. But you know there is more, you can do better. This is the sign to seek help from a leadership coach who can show you the road to the next level.

2. You are committed to invest time and take action 

Leadership coaching is demanding. It starts working with your commitment, sincerity, and confidence. Your coach will give you the tools, exercises, and strategies for mastery. It’s you who will put everything to work.

3. Ready to address your limiting beliefs

There are times in life when our goals and dreams are just out of our reach. We know what we are capable of, and what we want to achieve but still, we are not able to do because we lack self-awareness and belief in ourselves. Your leadership coach can help you push past limiting beliefs and barriers in life. 

4. When you are willing to lead by example and inspire others 

Your leadership coach will help you identify even the smallest areas for improvement and guide you in playing on personal and professional strengths. This personalized support allows you to strengthen your leadership approach and makes you more confident about your decision-making skills. When you lead by example, you inspire your team and cultivate trust, which is the foundation of effective leadership. Your coach helps you become a more impactful leader at your workplace.

No doubt, leadership coaching demands dedication and commitment, but the results can be transformative. Research shows that 77% of leaders who engage in coaching report improved relationships with their teams, while 60% experience enhanced decision-making skills. 

Moreover, leadership coaching helps you deal with conflicts and challenges with confidence and make authoritative decisions. 

We hope that this blog helped you make a decision about hiring a leadership coach. Ask us any questions in the comments. To discuss your goals and challenges with Sailaja Manacha, get in touch with us at team@physis.co.in

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Sailaja Manacha

Sailaja Manacha

Sailaja Manacha, a Master certified Coach from ICF, is known for her programs and coaching methods that combine psychology with leadership practices. In her work, Sailaja draws from Psychology, Ontology, NLP and Spiritual frameworks as well as rich, real-world experiences.

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