As organisations, leaders and individuals face unprecedented challenges, honing the relational intelligence muscle becomes the need of the hour. There has never been a more dire need which has required us to be present and productive, than today. The ability to connect and be present in the midst of tasks is what sets leaders apart.
Relational Intelligence can help your productivity by helping you to be more fully connected to what you’re working on (whether in personal or professional life). More than IQ, Relational Intelligence is required. A combination of emotional and ethical intelligence, Relational Intelligence can guide leadership behaviour in helping leaders deal with complex dilemmas and make more balanced and responsible decisions.


For: Leaders with 10+ years of work experience
A tailored program which explores four important aspects being a Relational Leader, namely- Somatic Learning, Authentic Conversations, Language & Leadership and Trust Building. The program helps you build an unseen power to enable you lead effectively and produce results that matter.

  • Lift self-imposed limits and sidestep negative conditioning
  • Function from a place of knowing yourself and what has shaped your relational resume
  • Shift your ability to connect with the other and establish ‘trust’ as the unseen power
  • Learn, understand and practice knowledge, and how it relates to interpersonal dynamics
  • Build communication and conversational intelligence
  • Make strong relationships and confident decisions as a leader
  • Develop an intuitive and human approach

Duration: 8 weeks; 4 hours per week
Mode: Pre-recorded videos and reflection exercises

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