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Your organization may need leadership training and coaching if you notice one or more of these:

  • Teams are ineffective due to communication breakdowns.
  • Clients and delivery teams experience trust breakdowns.
  • Managers are losing their followership as they lack emotional intelligence.
  • Leaders transitioning to bigger roles need support to do it with speed and ease.

Leadership training and coaching in organizations are valuable here. Sailaja Manacha is focused on building effective relational skills in leaders in order to conquer these problems. By upskilling leaders for bigger roles with the help of leadership training organizations like Physis, you can build credibility amongst stakeholders so they lead with purpose and clarity.

How do you know your organization needs leadership training organizations?
When team deliveries are impacted by ineffective leadership skills like poor team leading, low capacity to influence and motivate, and poor capacity to build accountability, you need a bespoke solution.

Who needs leadership training?
Business leaders, function heads and management teams

The difference a leadership training organization makes

  • Helps leaders and executives take a deep-dive into themselves to identify their blind spots and personal blocks
  • Hones their leadership presence, conversational skills, and intuition
  • Solves larger organizational challenges as the leader is at a higher level of functioning

How Huawei reduced team attrition through leadership training and coaching

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How do you know if your organization needs leadership coaching organizations?
You know one-to-one coaching is needed when:

  • A leader is transitioning and needs expansion
  • HR is preparing a pipeline for transitions and succession
  • Leaders are navigating complex business scenarios like M&A
  • The organization is in a growth spurt and leaders need to meet those challenges

Who needs leadership coaching?
CEOs, business heads, senior executives and managers

The difference a leadership coaching organization makes
With coaching, you enable your executives to change their behaviours quickly. When they think differently they discover new solutions to existing issues. They function strategically  and produce results that matter.


What is the difference between Leadership Coaching and Training?
Leadership coaching is individually focussed. These programs offer one-on-one coaching, helping leaders overcome particular challenges and move towards specific goals. Leadership training is designed to educate and upskill larger groups. It equips them for broader challenges in the organization.
How do you decide if your organization needs a leadership training or coaching program?
If you are looking to help mid- to senior leaders of your organization prepare for specific long-term goals, a coaching program is the right option. The specifications of Sailaja Manacha’s programs are customized as per the leaders’ requirements and your organization’s needs.

If you would like to enable larger teams and groups to gain knowledge and learn new skills, a training program is the right choice. Leadership training can be offered to professionals across all stages of their career.

How long is the one-to-one leadership coaching?
Coaching creates results in 3-6 months’ time. For best results, coaching for 10-12 sessions over a year is recommended when leaders need to make an impact on the 3-4 goals they are working towards.
How many participants make a great group for leadership coaching?

4 people make a good cohort for a group for coaching.

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