Here is my curated list of some best leadership books to read this year to enhance your abilities and help you achieve your potential. These books offer valuable insights into different domains connected with leadership.

Best Leadership Books for Personal Growth and Skill Development


I hope all of the recommendations find their way into your reading list.


1. Drive

The surprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel H. Pink

What is in it?

This New York Times bestseller book on leadership explores the science of human motivation. It challenges the tradition of what drives people. Pink identifies three key elements intrinsic to human motivation – autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Through numerous studies and examples, the author explains how organizations and individuals can tap into their intrinsic motivation to enhance productivity, performance, and creativity.

About the Author

A 5 times New York Times bestselling author, Pink is a provocative writer on business, creativity, work, and behavior.

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Stand Out Book by Dori Clark

2. Stand out

How to find your breakthrough idea and build a following around it by Dorie Clark

What is in it?

One of the best book about being a leader, this book explores how to identify what sets you apart, promote them successfully, and also to build a community of followers.  Exploring these concepts through rich interviews with thought leaders the book seeks to answer the question – where do ideas come from & how do they get noticed?

About the Author

Dorie Clark is a number one communications coach, has been thrice on the top 50 business thinkers list in the world.  She is also a consultant, and keynote speaker and teaches executive education.


3. Growing Groups into Teams

by Kobe Bogaert, Pam Fox Rollin & The Team at Altus Growth Partners

What is in it?

This is one of the best business leadership book. It is written by a team that teaches the ten principles to build a strong, high performing team & why conversations play an important role in each of these elements. The book introduces the reader to powerful teams that overcame challenges and grow to the next level.

About the Authors

Kobe Bogaert works with senior executives and leadership teams of public and private companies in the US & Europe. Pam Fox Rollin coaches senior executives and top teams in Silicon Valley and globally. The book also features chapters by various authors who are a part of the Altus Growth.

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The Gifts of Imperfection

4. The Gifts of Imperfection

Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are by Brene Brown

What is in it?

Brown explores the concept of wholehearted living which she describes as engaging in life from a place of worthiness and authenticity. Embracing imperfections is the means to live a fulfilling life. One of the best book for leaders, it emphasizes the importance of letting go of the need for perfection and embracing one’s vulnerabilities to cultivate a deeper sense of connection with others and find true belonging.

About the Author

Brene Brown is a renowned research professor, who is known for her works on shame, vulnerability, courage, and empathy. Her works have inspired people to embrace vulnerability and to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

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The Art Of Possibility

5. The Art of Possibility

by Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander

What is in it?

As a leadership book that is refreshing in its approach, it presents a series of powerful principles and practices aimed at enabling creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. The ideas revolve around shifting one’s perspective to embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility, rather than being constrained by limitations and obstacles.

About the Authors

Rosamund Stone Zander is a psychotherapist and a leadership coach, while Benjamin Zander is a motivational speaker and an English orchestral conductor. Together they have created this book which offers an inspirational approach to navigating the complexities of life.

Each of these leadership book presents a slice that could alter your approach towards your leadership and propel you towards inner transformation and change of perspectives.

Best Leadership Books Summary

I’ve shared some of the best leadership books out there. These books will help you identify your style, develop your skills and have meaningful personal development. These books will also help you in growing and nurturing your team, and building a robust business.

Connected Reads

Which book are you going to start with? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Sailaja Manacha

Sailaja Manacha

Sailaja Manacha, a Master certified Coach from ICF, is known for her programs and coaching methods that combine psychology with leadership practices. In her work, Sailaja draws from Psychology, Ontology, NLP and Spiritual frameworks as well as rich, real-world experiences.

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