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Lead with impact, influence and clarity.

Do you face challenges as you lead teams and drive your organisation’s goals? Do you want to create impact and influence within your team, organisation, and your client and peer networks?

It’s time you unlock your leadership potential to build new opportunities and grow your firm — and it’s possible through Executive Coaching 

Haven’t found your inner edge yet? I think I know why.

Hi, I’m Sailaja Manacha, an executive coach in Bangalore with clients across India and the rest of the world. In my 24 years as a psychotherapist, teacher and leadership coach, I’ve come to realise that radical self-enquiry is the key to finding your inner edge. 

My unique executive coaching techniques blend Psychology, Ontology, NLP and Spiritual frameworks with rich, real-world experiences to help you practise self-awareness, overcome your professional and personal limitations and find your inner edge to live and lead well.

My credentials

What is Executive Coaching?

Executives have to step up to new challenges and commit to stretch goals. Stepping out of your comfort zone for yourself and for your team, clients and ecosystem requires courage and strength of will, as well as some guidance from a trained executive coaching professional.

My executive coaching programmes in Bangalore are tailor-made, one-on-one sessions designed to address your unique professional circumstances, leverage your strengths and overcome your limitations to build your success story.

As an accredited Psychotherapist, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a former HR Head at a Bangalore based software firm, I understand the professional and personal ecosystem of executives and leaders in the industry and will work closely with you to chart out a growth pathway on both these fronts.

Who is executive coaching for?
My executive coaching sessions will help C-suite leaders, directors, corporate executives, team leads and senior managers improve their self-awareness, confidence and relational intelligence, function strategically and purposefully to achieve their goals and take on bigger and better roles. Executive coaching can also help founders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and independent leaders grow their authority among their client and partner networks while working on personal leadership.

Outcomes of executive coaching

  • Overcome roadblocks in your leadership style
  • Define the value system in your organisation with clarity
  • Alter your decision-making behaviour as a leader
  • Improving relations with your team members
  • Better management and execution of strategies

Need a quick 5-minute chat to know more about executive coaching and understand whether it’s right for you or your organisation?

You may be interested in:

Women’s Leadership Programs

Rise Up

Best suited for early-stage women leaders who are finding their voice in the team or on the verge of a promotion

  • Learn that career and personal life can be complementary rather than conflicting
  • Develop your skills and mindset for a bigger role
  • Gain the confidence to implement the relevant actions for growth
  • Learn micro habits for persistence and consistency to create results
  • Build practices for resilience and growth

Step Up

Boosts women in mid-level career roles as they tackle challenges and aim higher
  • Become aware of early experiences that shaped you as a person
  • Become self-aware seeing both your strengths and your inner critic that holds you back
  • Identify your ‘CARES’ — what truly matters, where you wish to focus
  • Refocus your energy and time on actions and mindsets that grow you
  • Learn to initiate actions and conversations that get you results from your team
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles with powerful tools to make an impact on your boss, clients and team

Power Up

A year-long course best suited for women in senior roles, business heads and entrepreneurs
  • Support working at your inner edge so you shift your game
  • Ground you through conversations on ethics, power politics, conflict, increasing capacity and moving with the power of ‘not knowing’
  • Support you to handle difficult conversations and make tough decisions boldly
  • Help you build a powerful public identity that centres around adding value
  • Give you tools to be a leader of influence so you impact your clients, adding value to teams and networks so they produce results that matter

Leadership Programs

Leadership Coaching for Individuals

One-on-one leadership and executive coaching sessions for entrepreneurs, corporate executives and independent leaders

  • Learn to unlock your potential
  • Take on newer and tougher roles with confidence
  • Address your professional and personal limitations
  • Work with a strategy and purpose to fulfil your goals

Relational Intelligence Program — S.A.L.T

(Somatic Learning, Authentic Conversations, Language & Leadership and Trust Building)
For leaders and stakeholders who are responsible for driving results in their organisations

  • Teaches you to relate with others intelligently
  • Helps you stay connected amid tasks
  • Helps forge personal connections
  • Helps trust one another and understand other perspectives
  • Identifies old patterns and helps you change it

Leadership Training

Best suited for large groups, business leaders, function heads and management teams

  • Dive into yourself and develop an understanding of yourself
  • Identify your blind spots and personal blocks
  • Hone your leadership presence, conversational skills and intuition
  • Solve large organisational challenges with a higher level of functioning

Leadership Coaching for Organisations

Coaching sessions designed for individuals, CEOs, business heads, senior executives and managers within a single organisation

  • Discover new solutions to existing issues
  • Change your behaviour quickly and effectively
  • Learn to navigate complex scenarios at work
  • Deal with challenges that present themselves as the organisation grows

Location – Bangalore

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